Dark Pool

Eba has a habit of jumping from the frying pan into the fire. Taken to court as hostage for her brother's good behaviour, headstrong Eba runs away and ends up in the Viking stronghold of Dyflin. 

Finlay, newly crowned king of Alba and with better things to do than retrieve an unruly young girl, sets out on a rescue mission. Eba's brother, who never tires of telling Finlay it is his fault she ran away, goes with him. 

Forced to marry Viking chief's son, Eba seizes an opportunity to escape during an attack by neighbouring Vikings, but it proves a poor decision; she is vulnerable in the blazing war-torn rubble with no one to protect her.  

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Amazon USA: here Kindle $3.63

Though the cover states this is a sequel to Banners of Alba, you do not need to have read Banners to enjoy this story.

Unhappily my publisher Write Words, Inc is closing down as of January 2017. This means Dark Pool will not be available for a while until I decide how to progress the matter.

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